Make sure that you have followed the instructions in the previous tutorial

The Problem:

While running the tutorials, you may get the following linker error..

It means that the compiler is unable to find the function specified in the error.

Solution :

step 1 :

Right click on the project and select properties
Or press alt + F7

step 2 :

You should get a "property pages" dialog. In that dialog, select...
--> Configuration properties
--> And click on Linker
--> And click on Input
--> And next to Additional Dependencies, type "freeglut.lib"
--> Click on OK

NOTE:In case if you wish to add more than one library,
you can add them by simply seperating them with spaces.
Eg. you can type... "first_one.lib second_one.lib" etc.

The End :

The project should build fine this time.