SOURCE CODE : Asteroids game

Hello viewers!

Hope you have found my previous tutorials like intermediate graphics and text game useful.

Initially, I thought of coming up with a "theory + practicals" combination for a set of 20 tutorials.
But, the theory part is taking up more time than what I have expected.

So, I thought of making the source code available for download.
You can download the source code for a set of 20 folders.
Each of these folders keep adding more and more features to the game, step by step.

Hope this code serves as the first non-trivial step in your long journey of games and graphics programing.

(1) You need "freeglut.lib" or "glut32.lib" to build the code.
(2) If you are not sure about linking ".lib" files to your code, see... linking additional libraries in Visual Studio
(3) The technology used in the source code is actually outdated. It is used only because it is (relatively) easy to understand.


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